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Shepherd Book Recommendations

I recently had the priveledge of working with the Shepherd team to write up a new kind of book recommendation list. Shepherd is trying to change the way we receive and think about book recommendations, and having the task to write my own was quite fun.

In their website's style, you don't just write about books similar to your own, instead you pick a theme that fits your book and think about other books with similar themes to recommend. If you want to read more about Shepherd you can do so here.

For my own recommendation post, I decided to write about the best fantasy for people straying from the paths set for them. This title went through more changes than any other title in my writing history, because I wasn't sure the best way to encapsulate what I wanted to say. I was torn, because I wanted to write about books where people turn away from religion, because that's an interesting topic to me, and super prevalent in my own books, but it didn't quite fit.

In the end, I am super proud of my recommendation list and I am so happy to have gotten the opportunity to work with Shepherd.

If you are interested, you can check out my recommendations at the link below.

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